Outside the extreme world of modern rock, MONSTA is



uncompromising in recapturing the essence of today's country dance



rock experience. The working man's music for the next century,



 MONSTA is filled with the restless energy that is true to



the bluesy heart of rock and roll. The music, played by stalwart



musicians of the highest caliber, focuses on a precision



groove, or an explosive instrumental lead, while respecting the



integrity of the story within the song.




New England's RICK MONAST, songwriter and singer, is a blown



fuse of soulful sincerity. More than simply a passionate presence on



stage, Monast arouses a fire in the mind and body with concise



personal revelations, and a certain literary richness.




With effortless style, MARC LIESHMAN, and



PAUL CARROCA, spit out rapid-fire guitar, with the confidence



befitting their broad instrumental background's.







Drummer GARY SOARES, solidly executes the perfect time-



keeping necessary for the concrete sound of the band.






Totalizing the camaraderie of MONSTA is




WAYNE MANNINGproviding a roadworthy and impacting bass.






In slamming synchronicity, MONSTA can embark on their



expansive catalogue of contemporary cover material. Influenced by



the club rock sounds of bands like 3 Doors Down, and



Billy Idol, the band rips through real numbers like, It's Not My Time,



and Rebel Yell.



Then, donning their cowboy hats, bust out the latest Luke



Bryan, and Jason Aldean country hits, like MOVE, and  She's








Conversely,  MONSTA can move an emotional mountain with




the classic ballad, Every Rose has it's Thorn, while standing firm




at the point of the stage.




There's a new musical fortress on the landscape of dance club rock.








and WAYNE MANNING, are it's hardened stone walls, and




RICK MONAST is it's foundation.